Strong authentication with Microsoft

Microsoft Windows features such as BitLocker® Drive Encryption and DirectAccess can work in conjunction with Match-On-Card for powerful security solutions. DirectAccess offers secure mobile access to corporate networks and remote machine servicing, while BitLocker and BitLocker To Go™ help protect data on PCs and removable USB drives when the physical asset is lost or stolen.

Both work within the WSF and, alongside solutions such as Protiva .NET Bio, deliver multi-factor authentication. DirectAccess authenticates both the computer and the user, employing IPv6-over-IPsec to encrypt communications across the Internet. BitLocker and BitLocker To Go protect sensitive data from access by unauthorized users and can be set to demand passwords, a smart card or domain user credentials to allow access.

Other Microsoft applications also contribute to strong authentication. Office 2007 uses document protection settings that enable password protection and encryption and, along with Outlook® 2007, offers the option of digital signatures. The latter places an encryption-based stamp on a macro or document, verifying that it originated from the signatory and hasn’t been altered. Internet Explorer® 8 includes features such as SmartScreen®, Cross Site Scripting Filter, Click-jacking prevention and Data Execution Prevention, adding yet more layers to the security protocols.

Finally, Encrypting File System in Windows Server® 2003 lets users encrypt files and directories stored on a disk.

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