Fighting the fear

Cloud security has come a long way in the past 18 months and, as the CSA starts to roll out accreditations for cloudbased security consultants and open quality standards for providers, more businesses may start to conquer their fears.

I think we need a new generation of disaster recovery, a cloud recovery plan if the cloud suddenly doesn’t become available,” Kochhar concludes. “Can you migrate easily? Are you in control of your data? Can you access it offline? These questions weren’t in the traditional model, when you were in control of everything.”

There are many risks, some quantifiable and others not, surrounding security in cloud computing, but it is ultimately all about that balance between security, convenience and cost. If an organization understands the security concerns and what they mean, and is prepared to deal with things when they go wrong, then there is no reason why it cannot move into the cloud with confidence and experience the benefits for itself.

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