A Smarter Way to Store PKI Credentials

Article taken from the Gemalto whitepaper written by James McLaughlin, Global Alliances Manager

IT Security investments rising

Business and government organizations around the world are continuing to invest in network security with good reason: cyber crime is one of the fastest growing threats to the continuity of their operations. A worldwide survey commissioned by McAfee estimates that the damage from data loss exceeded one trillion dollars in 2008. And in January, 2010, the Open Security Foundation reported that more than 218 million personal identity records were lost or stolen globally in 2009.

New technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and social networking are among the latest challenges facing IT security professionals. In combination with more sophisticated hacking and data theft techniques, they are driving the ongoing evolution of the IT security paradigm. The traditional model of protecting the network perimeter from unauthorized access is giving way to a different strategy based on ensuring a high level of mutual trust among users who share data, applications and access to common network resources.

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Storing PKI credentials
Comparing PKI storage methods