Now is the time for Strong Authentication

This past year has been filled with story upon story of security leaks and breaches. In looking at the individual cases, many of these events potentially could have been avoided with the use of stronger access controls and the use of industry proven strong authentication technology. So the real question is:

Do you need stronger security for network access? Are you concerned about the weakness of password based access? Are you tired of the cost of password management?

Today’s workers are more on the move than ever before and the trend towards greater mobility is only increasing. Workers expect to be able to access company resources anytime, from anywhere using multiple devices. But while mobility can increase productivity, it also introduces a significant security risk. With numerous potential entry points into the network, the new challenge for IT security professionals is balancing security with convenience.

With advanced persistent threats (APT) becoming more prevalent, companies of all sizes need to take a serious look at the security protecting access to data resources. Username and password is no longer sufficient to protect access to one of the most important aspects of your business – your company’s internal information.

This clearly shows the need for stronger access control methods to secure all access points into the network. Strong authentication adds layers of identity verification to ensure only authorized users gain network access through a variety of easy-to-use form factors that meet business requirements and ensure user adoption.

Next: A layered security approach

A Layered Security Approach

A layered security approach
Strong or multi-factor authentication is defined as authentication that uses two or more different forms of identity verification.

Protecting Remote Access

Protecting remote access

One of the primary business needs is the ability to leverage the mobility afforded by technology without creating an insecure access point into the network.

Get the right technology for your business need

Get the right technology for your business need
Not all users are created equal. As mentioned before, there are different roles within each company...

The Gemalto Difference – Secure One Time Password (OTP)

The Gemalto difference – Secure One Time Password (OTP)
Securing access to your network with OTP provides an additional layer of security to username and password.

Certificate based authentication – Protecting your company’s information crown jewels
While OTP from an authentication standpoint is a significant step-up from used name and password.

More information on Gemalto’s OTP solution
Gemalto’s takes your security very seriously and has leveraged our strong background in security to design an OTP solution.

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Identity and Access Solutions Overview

Protiva Strong Authentication

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One Time Password for Secure Network Access

One Time Password for Secure Network Access

A complete family of secure multi-application smart cards

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Protiva Mobile Solutions

Protiva Mobile Solutions

One-time passwords go even further.

Protiva Mobile Solutions