Gemalto Partner Network

In the context of the Gemalto Partner Network Program, Gemalto seeks to build long term relationships with quality IT companies that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

The Gemalto Partner program is focused on selling solutions under the Protiva™ brand name to the Enterprise sector; it offers many resources and benefits with three categories of partnership available depending on the level of business and investment to which a partner is willing to commit.

Here are some of the benefits available to Gemalto partners:

  • Special partner pricing
  • Sales and Technical Training
  • Technical assistance
  • Marketing Support
  • Pre-Sales support
  • On-line web based CRM*
  • Visibility on the site
  • On-line ordering on Gemalto Partner web sites*

*Certain categories of partner only.


  • gemalto reseller

    Official Gemalto Reseller (OGR)

    Official Gemalto  Reseller is the entry point to the Gemalto Partner Network Program; this level is accessible on demand to any company which wants to resell Gemalto products and is a quick and simple way to start selling the Gemalto brand.


  • gemalto certified partner

    Gemalto Certified Partner (GCP)

    Gemalto Certified Partner (GCP) is the intermediate level of Gemalto Partner Program; this status applies to established companies which commit to invest in technical knowledge of Gemalto Products; Many Value Added Resellers (VARs) have this status in the Gemalto Partner Program.

    Gemalto Partner Locator

  • gemalto VAR

    Gemalto First Line (FL)

    Gemalto First Line (FL) is the Ultimate level of the Gemalto Partner Program, and is aimed at Distributors and VARs that are willing to make a major commitment to the Gemalto brand. Potential Distributors will be expected to bring to the table a strong reseller network of their own, whilst potential FL VARs will have strong software solutions that have leading positions in their chosen vertical markets.

    Gemalto Partner Portals


Gemalto Partner Program and Benefits

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