Gemalto is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This reflects Gemalto's ongoing commitment to providing strong authentication technology that works seamlessly with Microsoft suite of server and operating system products. The companies have work closely together to ensure full integration of strong authentication technology giving customers the option to move away from the weakness of username and password.

A Certified Gold Partner since 2007, Gemalto is also a member of Microsoft Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions offering, an integrated portfolio of products and services that help companies manage access to multiple user identities and privileges across an organization.

With the help of integrated Gemalto products, a more secure environment is built, but without complicating the users' experience. Strong authentication, smart cards and Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager, a state-based identity management software product make access management easier and allow for aggregation of identities across the organization, meaning employees have one single source for access to multiple applications. This not only frees employees from complex password schemes, but reduces IT costs devoted to handling endless resets.

Managing identities has become a top priority for enterprises due to privacy, legal and regulatory compliance requirements like PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA. The Microsoft IAM solutions help customers manage access to multiple user identities and privileges across an organization, allowing them to secure their environment and address regulatory compliance by implementing strong authentication for logon, signature and encryption.

To help companies more easily address these issues, Microsoft's solutions together with Gemalto's products can help improve organizations' productivity, reduce IT costs and eliminate complexity in managing identity and access to resources.

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