Contactless Smart Card Readers

  • ​​

    For Health Care Centers

    Securing professionals and centers
    Easy integration
    Hospital use case example

  • For Enterprises and organizations

    The growing smart card user base
    Secure physical and network access
    Reduced TCO & easy integration

  • For e-business and home banking applications

    For enterprises and banks offering web-based services, Gemalto's Prox smart card readers complement smart cards to bring a simple solution that protects user identity during web transactions. The new Gemalto Prox-DU and Prox-SU readers also enable companies and banks to verify not only the users' identity but as well as the origin and ownership of transactions

  • For NFC-enabled applications

    Gemalto's Prox readers can also be used for NFC-enabled devices like mobile phones that are used for a variety of applications such as mobile payment, smart poster and mobile ticketing, among others.

  • For transport e-ticketing applications

    Prox readers as PC-based readers are convenient for use in transport e-ticketing applications that require secure, high speed contactless readers. Transport companies with web-based ticketing portals can offer their end-users the convenience of crediting smart card-based transport tickets at home or specific points-of-sale.