​​​Protecting IT resources and user identities is essential for every organization. Secure remote access to networks, applications and data is necessary for mobile workers. Data protection for stored, mobile and transferred files and documents is needed for loss prevention and regulatory compliance. Digital signatures that cannot be repudiated help improve efficiency and productivity.

Gemalto and its technology partners provide advanced solutions for the most demanding security identity and access management needs, including the following:

Who are you?

  • Protecting the people who protect us

    Police officers, military personnel and first responders all work on the move and need the ability to access sensitive information in the field — quickly and on the go. Specifically designed for those who defend us, Protiva Defender Suite provides a single credential solution for physical access, visual identification and logical access. 

    Protiva Defender Suite

  • Convenient, secure trading

    In the world of high finance, a lost deal can mean millions, and traders can't afford to spend valuable seconds logging into their multiple workstations. Protiva Trade Connect provides secure, yet simple single authentication to multiple terminals.

    Protiva Trade Connect

  • Protecting patient data and streamlining authentication

    In the critical world of healthcare, every second counts. Protiva MedSecure provides medical professionals secure, but convenient tools to quickly prove identity, access records and enter secure physical areas quickly without juggling multiple credentials.

    Protiva MedSecure

  • Enterprise data security, ultra-secure laptops & remote access

    Executives are prime targets for cybercrime. They are privy to the most sensitive company data that if stolen can lead to immeasurable financial and reputational loss. ExeProtect keeps your busy executives secure with strong, but convenient authentication solutions that won't slow them down.

    Protiva ExecProtect

Secure Authentication Products


The Protiva brand represents strength and protection of identities, data and network infrastructures, and is the name used for all Gemalto security solutions for public and private organizations. Protiva products respond to the needs for strong authentication, data loss prevention, compliance to governmental security directives and the growing demand for qualified digital signature.

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