Secure authentication products

The Protiva brand represents strength and protection of identities, data and network infrastructures, and is the name used for all Gemalto security solutions for public and private organizations. Protiva products respond to the needs for strong authentication, data loss prevention, compliance to governmental security directives and the growing demand for qualified digital signature.


  • IDAdmin

    IDAdmin solutions help IT managers deploy and manage smart card and token-based devices. A complete lifecycle management solution, IDAdmin allows you to easily manage the technology in house from issuance to replacement of lost devices to remotely recovering a PIN. Gemalto IDAdmin solutions are easy to manage, freeing your valuable resources to worry less about cyber attacks and more about what really matters – your core business.

    IDAdmin 100
    IDAdmin 200
    IDAdmin 1000

    ID Admin, Strong authentication management system [PDF - 338kb]



  • IDClassic

    IDClassic is a family of smart card products specifically designed to meet customer needs using non mini driver authentication or stored value frameworks. For many years, this family of products has proven its capability to fulfill these needs in both enterprise and government organizations and continues to meet these established needs. The IDClassic family works with IDGo client software to provide connection to network based resources for authentication leveraging public key infrastructure (PKI).

    IDClassic 300
    IDClassic IAS

    IDClassic, Identity and access products [PDF - 466kb]


  • IDConfirm

    IDComfirm's is the backbone of Protiva authentication solutions. Protecting network users with proven smart card technology, IDConfirm is not only secure but flexible. IT administrators can deploy different strong authentication solutions, based on user need, and manage everything by a single authentication server. In addition, there is a clear migration path from OTP to PKI based deployment without having to change devices or servers.

    IDConfirm 1000
    IDConfirm 1000 OTP Windows Logon

    IDConfirm, Protecting your network identities [PDF - 466kb]


  • IDCore

    IDCore strong authentication solutions are based on a flexible open platform solution that can be easily customized to fit into any corporate or public sector environment. With a full range of multipurpose smart cards, IDCore solutions support applications such as logical and physical access, PKI services and digital transactions and are available in credit card or USB key form factors for maximum use case support.


    IDCore, Flexible, Trusted Open Platform [PDF - 466kb]


  • IDGo

    IDGo is an easily-integrated strong authentication security system and provides the highest level of identity protection by using public-key cryptography to store the users' identity credentials on the smart card instead of the PC where they are vulnerable to theft. With IDGo in place, enterprises can manage access to physical and network security systems through use of a single identity credential for each employee. IDGo works with IDPrime smart cards, IDBridge readers, and IDConfirm authentication server.

    IDGo 300
    IDGo 800
    IDGo 800 for Mobiles

    IDGo, Security Software for the enterprise [PDF - 466kb]