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Cloud service providers are most concerned with speed and uptime, making it hard to find time for security. For security, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have the option to outsource this task to a leading security provider. At Gemalto, we are able to provide the protection required to add a differentiator to any CSP's offering. Practically, what this means is that everyone who touches the cloud benefits from this increased level of security. Gemalto makes it easy for cloud service providers to offer security to their end users with minimal integration requirements.


With Gemalto's strong authentication solutions for CSPs, you get a trusted partner to provide end-to-end identity and access controls to your customers so you can focus on your core business—cloud delivery. The solution provides a one-time password device or mobile application that generates a numeric code to pair with the user name at login. The user is granted access to the Web service with a high level of assurance that no one has compromised their data or applications. Gemalto provides complete fulfillment services, including creation of a branded webstore where your customers can order and pay for devices or mobile applications in a matter of seconds. Gemalto then provides the hardware device and user provisioning to complete the order.


Protiva Cloud Confirm

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