Protiva ExecProtect

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​protiva-execprotect.pngYour senior management team has access to your organization's most critical information, from customer to employee data, to commercial plans and corporate strategy. Can you risk  this  information making it into the hands of a competitor?

Protiva ExecProtect is Gemalto's portfolio of solutions designed to prevent senior professionals and privileged users from becoming a weak link in an organization's cyber security context. 

Gemalto's Protiva ExecProtect suite delivers strong authentication , implements rigorous access controls to key data  and encrypts sensitive information  in a world of busy, travelling executives. It assures that the right people are accessing the right data, and that it is safe from malicious access, at rest or in transit. And ExecProtect does this without disrupting the user experience for your most senior business leaders.






To learn more about how Protiva ExecProtect helps with each of these areas, click one of the below icons to dive into our product portfolio in more detail.

Access Control

access-control- ICON.jpgSimple username and authentication access doesn't protect senior executives from concerted efforts to access their accounts – even with strong passwords, this is a relatively easy path for criminals to exploit, through shoulder-surfing, social engineering attacks or brute-force attacks, either across the web or on stolen or lost executive laptops.

Learn how Protiva ExecProtect's strong authentication solution takes this challenge on without inconveniencing your busiest executives.

ID protection


How do you ensure that privileged information remains in the hands of the right users? 73% of organizations say they don't limit access to sensitive information to 'privileged users' – everyone from application developers to network engineers – which can create alternate routes for cyber-criminals to exploit in targeting your organization.

Protiva ExecProtect gives you control over who can access data, protecting you from the risk of lawsuits, regulatory fines, competitive disadvantage and a damaged reputation if key data gets into the wrong hands.

Email / data encryption


A single email trail travelling through your executive team could reveal corporate strategy, tip your hand in a competitive acquisition or give away your approach to a customer bid.

Seamlessly integrated with popular email platforms such as Microsoft Outlook, Protiva ExecProtect​ provides convenient and simple encryption for information in transit and at rest, ensuring that only the desired recipients have sign of sensitive data.​