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Gemalto is Microsoft Gold certified partner. We share the same vision to deploy secure identity for a better user experience.

  • Card reader and smart card, Integration with workstation and windows update deployment
  • PKI and OTP Credential deployment and operation with Server applications integration such as UAG/ISA or FIM and of course PKI services
  • Gemalto is a strong contributor of the security community in different standard committees and common proof of concept with Microsoft security teams

Microsoft converts to smartcards

Redmond Magazine: Microsoft Employees Get Carded
Microsoft Developer Network: Smart Card Deployment at Microsoft

Key milestones of these partnerships are :

  • 1996 : Gemalto PC/SC CryptoAPI Smart card support
  • 2000 : Gemalto CSPs ship in Windows 2000 (OOB W98, Me, NT4)
  • 2001 : Updated Gemalto CSPs ship in Windows XP 32- & 64-bit
  • 2002 : Microsoft defines the new CSP architecture & minidrivers for Windows Vista, Gemalto starts development of a Smart Card based on the .NET Framework
  • 2004 : Microsoft partner Gemalto " has done a super job on this ", said Gates. " We will be using their smartcards internally - each employee will use those to get in and out of the buildings as we used to connect to our machines. We're requiring them. We will completely replace passwords." Bill Gates, keynote address IT Forum, Copenhagen 2004
  • 2005 : Microsoft deploys Gemalto .NET as corporate badge for all employees worldwide​
  • 2007 : ILM (now FIM) support Gemalto smart cards and Protiva OTP . Gemalto .NET minidriver ships in Windows Vista & Windows Update for Windows 2000, XP & Server 2003
  • 2008: Support for Forefront Security Suite
  • 2009-2011: Joint marketing-sales campaign with Microsoft
  • 2010: Protiva Strong Authentication Server with Micosoft's DirectAccess
  • 2011: Microsoft demonstrates U-Prove using Protiva .NET smart card at the RSA Conference
  • 2011: Microsoft demonstrates Windows® logon using OTP with Protiva Strong Authentication Server and Microsoft's DirectAccess using Windows 8 and next generation Windows Server at the BUILD Conference


On the field, large companies in different sectors are using Gemalto and Microsoft solution combination for PKI and OTP strong authentication (Ref. details on Gemalto Partner Portal and Gemalto Customer References).

Protecting IT resources and user identities is essential for every organization. Gemalto and its technology partners provide advanced solutions for the most demanding security identity and access management needs.

Proven on the field, technologies and integrator channel allow easy deployment and use for two forms factors authentication project.

Strong authentication solutions fits well to Microsoft infrastructure both on server and workstation side.

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Easy OTP Token v3

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Demo kit

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Execprotect Setup Guides

Protiva TM .NET Bio solutionApplication note:

Gemalto Classic MDE Smart Card with EFS on Microsoft Windows Vista
Gemalto .NET Smart Card with EFS on Microsoft Windows Vista
Gemalto ACS Smart Card with EFS on Microsoft Windows Vista

Gemalto .NET and MDE Smart Cards with Microsoft ILM FP1 on Windows Vista
Gemalto Access Client and Classic Client Smart Cards with Microsoft ILM FP1 on Microsoft Windows XP
Gemalto IAS smart card with Microsoft CLM

Gemalto SA Server and OWA Access Microsoft ISA 2006
Gemalto SA Server and SharePoint 2007 with Microsoft ISA 2006
Gemalto SA Server and VPN Server with Microsoft ISA 2006
Gemalto Smart Cards with Microsoft ISA 2006
Gemalto SA Server with Microsoft ISA 2006 KCD Exchange 2007 and Windows 2008 NPS

IAG / UAG 2010
Gemalto SA Server and Authentication using AD Password and OTP with Microsoft IAG
Gemalto SA Server SMS OTP authentication and client certificate authentication with UAG 2010

Gemalto SA Server with Microsoft ADAM

Gemalto .NET smart card with Microsoft CA 2008



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