Protiva Trade Connect

​Trading Floors are hectic and fast-paced and not for the faint of heart. Traders lead stressful work lives and have little time for any task other than watching the market and keeping up with their trades. A missed opportunity can happen in a split second and often leads to significant revenue losses. Watching as many as six different computers and monitors takes a trader's full attention. The last thing they should have to worry about is logging in and out of systems. But securing networks and customer data is critical, so users must be authenticated. The question is how to balance ease of use with security and access controls?

Gemalto's Protiva Trade Connect is an end-to-end strong authentication solution designed especially for the trading floor environment, allowing for multiple-workstation logon. Traders simply logon to the primary computer and are instantly logged on to all workstations in their assigned area. No need to login multiple times to each terminal. With Protiva Trade Connect, the trader only has to login in once using either their username or password or for a more secure option, a certificate-based identity credential (smart card).

Granting access

Trade Connect is the only solution in the market to provide a multiple-terminal login specifically designed for traders. Using a username and password or a smart card, traders can logon to multiple terminals using a single access credential. Once a trader is logged into the primary terminal, access is granted for all secondary systems, improving productivity by getting them on the floor faster and with less hassle.

Trade Connect also features Smart Screen Lock—a one-of-a kind solution offered only by Gemalto. With Smart Screen lock, when the smart card is removed from the primary terminal, all workstations are quickly locked with a transparent, non moveable, non-closable window. Applications continue to run, but no unauthorized personnel can access the workstation. Once the trader returns to the terminal and inserts the smart card the session is quickly reinstated—another productivity booster because traders have the freedom to step away without having to leave a trading session and risk missing that critical trade.

Protecting Identity

Trading environments hold key financial and personal customer data. A breach would be detrimental not only for business, but for reputation and could also have regulatory or legal penalties. Securing that data is imperative, but must also be balanced with functionality for traders. Gemalto's Trade Connect provides the most advanced solutions to protect user identities and customer data, but is easy to use for your traders.

The only solution providing two-factor authentication based on smart card technology to traders, Trade Connect uses secure certificate-based identity to ensure only authorized users are gaining access to the terminals. In addition, Trade Connect provides the ability to leverage existing authentication methods, such as username and password with the ability to migrate to certificate-based identity when the time is right.

Solution components

IDPrime .NET Card or Key
IDBridge Transparent / PinPad readers


Watch a demonstration of Gemalto's Protiva Trade Connect, a solution designed specifically for financial traders who need to log on fast and securely to multiple terminals


Protiva™ Trade Connect

PDF Securing multiple workstations with single logon.

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