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The Landscape

In our connected soc​iety, people and organizations exchange massive amounts of information over digital networks because such exchanges are efficient and conveni​ent. The volume of transactions over these networks has grown exponentially over time and is expected to continue to grow.

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Q4 2014 Reven​ue & FY 2014 earnings 


  • Full year revenue of €2.5 billion, up +5%, and profit from operations up +10%, at €383 million
  • Platforms & Services revenue passed the €500 million mark
  • Strong demand in the United States, revenue up +32%
  • For 2015, steady annual PFO expansion expected, towards the upgraded 2017 objective

See the calendar below for webinar and presentation links.

Gemalto Releases F​indings of 2014 Breach Level Index

Gemalto releases the latest findings of the Breach Level Index, revealin​g that more than 1,500 data breaches led to one billion data records compromised worldwide during 2014.

Press Release
Breach Level Index 

An investor session to introduce SafeNet will be held on Monday 2 March, 2015 at 2pm.

​See the calendar below for Webinar link and document

Gemalto 2014-2017 multi-year ​development plan

  • 2017 objectives:
    • Profit from Operations to double over five years to €600 million, and
    • Platforms & Services activities generating €1 billion in revenue
  • Double-digit average annual revenue expansion expected over 2013-2017, supported by growth in all business segments, equally balanced between the “Embedded software & Products” and “Platforms & Services” activities

Press Release
Presentation (PDF - 2.3 MB)
Recording of the Presentation​ (YouTube)

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    FY 201​4 Results

    Presentation​ (PDF, 455 KB)
    Press Release (PDF, 773 KB)
    Annual Report 2014 (PDF, 8.87M​B)
    Annual Report 2014 Online​

    View ​details

    ​Gemalto’s Q4 2014 Revenue and FY 2014 Results will be published on March 5th shortly after midnight CEST and the related presentation will be webcast in English the same day at 3 PM CEST (2 PM BST and 9 AM EDT).

    Audio Webcast and Conference call

    Gemalto’s Q4 2014 Revenue and FY 2014 Results​ presentation will be webcast in English on March 5th at 3pm Paris time (2pm London time and 9am New York time). This listen-only live audio webcast of the presentation and the Q&A session will be accessible via the link below:

    [Click here to access webcast]

    This webcast is compatible with Android and iOS terminals, including iPads.

    Questions will be taken by way of conference call. Investors and financial analysts wishing to ask questions should join the presentation by dialing:

    • (UK) +44 207 107 1613
    • (US) +1 866 907 5928 
    • (FR) +33 1 70 77 09 ​46​

    The accompanying presentation slide show will be integrated into the webcast and will also be available for download using the link below.

    Presentation​ (PDF, 455 KB)​

    ​Replays of the presentation and Q&A session will be available in webcast format on our Investor Relations web site approximately 3 hours after the conclusion of the presentation. Replays will be available for one year.​

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    Mar 6 - Mar 25

    Roadshow booklet - PDF 2.3MB

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    06-Mar Paris
    09-Mar Edinburgh
    10-Mar Dublin
    11-Mar London
    12-Mar Brussels
    13-Mar Amsterdam
    16-Mar Boston & Montreal
    17-Mar New York & Toronto
    18-Mar Chicago
    19-Mar San Francisco & Sao Paolo
    20-Mar Los Angeles
    23-Mar London
    24-Mar Frankfurt
    25-Mar Paris

  • APR


    Q1 2015 Revenue

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