Investor Bilateral Meetings

Investor communication quiet period

  • Gemalto observes an investor communication “black-out” period, covering at least fifteen days prior to any scheduled publication.
  • Financial aspects of the business will not be discussed during that period and investor meetings of any kind will be discouraged.

Attendance to the investor bilateral meetings

  • The following Company representatives are entitled to attend investor bilateral meetings:
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Investor Relations Officer
    • Divisional & Regional Management
  • Either the Chief Executive Officer and/or Chief Financial Officer will aim to attend all meetings with the top 10 shareholders.
  • Investor Relations Officer should attend all bilateral meetings with investors.

Communication in Bilateral investor meetings

  • The Company investor communication is based on equal treatment of all shareholders, and equal access to the information.
  • The Company will not comment on market or press speculation.
  • The Company will not make derogatory comments on competitors.