Automotive & Mobility Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​ Enabling secure digital mobility

Car illustration in speeding urban setting

Automotive revolution

Digitalization and other megatrends are revolutionizing industries and are leading to new business models. The Automotive sector is facing such disruptive trends: connected cars,  diverse mobility, autonomous driving, electrification and enhanced connectivity.

This is also driving consumer behavior around ownership and usage, with increasing demand for shared mobility or connectivity services. Increasingly, consumers will engage in the new mobile lifestyle staying connected and having access to a set of services to facilitate their mobility such as on-demand traffic information or infotainment content.

With urbanization, drivers are turning to services like navigation, quicker ways to find a parking space to streamline their travel, locating the next available e-charger, using complementary public transport offerings for the "last mile". Cities are changing, leaving more space to pedestrian zones and traffic thereby enticing passengers to use various transport modes in the same day to optimize their trip. This will discourage private car ownership and encourage sharing models. In this new economy secure authentication, biometrics and car personalization with user preferences will be key success factors. Electric cars are becoming more viable and with restrictions on emissions and an increasing number of charging stations, e-mobility will increase. With the strong demand for connectivity and the ability to improve services to passengers, autonomous driving is also a key trend in the new Mobility Services market.

The need for trusted mobility with seamless customer experience

In this changing ecosystem, mobility players will be successful if they offer the best security measures for passengers' and drivers' personal information seamlessly.

With the development of mobility services, users need to feel confident that they can easily and safely travel and this comes with secure authentication & payment while keeping their personal preferences on board.

Gemalto offers quick-to-deploy solutions to help automotive players secure digital mobility services including:

  • Connectivity  - to ensure always-on mobility

A device requires connectivity and the cloud to be truly connected. A robust, reliable, secure always-on service is required to retain user trust.

Gemalto's solution enables the usage of end users' subscriptions for infotainment services in mobility and provides the technical enabler for Infotainment/Telematics connectivity

  • Security – to safeguard user personal data

Users must trust that their device and data is secure at all times. Mobility services providers must secure the physical device, data at rest and data in motion from growing cyber threats. 

Gemalto offer enables storage and life-cycle management of security credentials for secure in-car/out-car connectivity and for securing digital content. In addition to the storage, Gemalto's solution has been designed to execute any mobility services in a secure environment.

  • Identity Management – to support a seamless customer journey

    Digitalization and an increasing number of services lead automotive manufacturers to implement solutions that authenticate the user securely.

Gemalto provides a wide range of identity verification and user authentication solutions for nomadic users, as well as the capability to manage several identities for mobility use cases. Gemalto's Identity Management solution provides an integrated user experience.

  • Life Cycle management – to deliver up to date services

Security must be constantly updated to cope with new technologies and the latest methods.

Gemalto has a strong and powerful over-the-air solution to keep security up to date now and for years to come.

  • Monetization – to adapt models for better revenue generation

Service providers need to offer real time service activation and personalization through flexible software deployment and revenue generation.

Gemalto offers Software licensing management, as well as IP protection, to protect and adapt business models in line with user requirements, as well as to monitor service usage.