Embedded & Cloud Security in the Internet of Things

​​​​​​​​​​​​IoT Security

IoT security to protect data

The Internet of Things​ (IoT) impact the way we interact with the world around us. Billions of "things"​ are talking to each other – from TVs, fridges and cars to smart meters, health monitors and wearables. IoT promises unsurpassed convenience. Gaining and retaining consumer trust on privacy and IoT security is essential to reach its potential.
Data moving around the IoT will provide a picture of each and every one of us. The big challenge is securing this information.

There are many ways an attacker can access features or data on a connected device. The three main target “hack” points are: the device, the cloud infrastructure and the network.

Three pillars are essential to securing an IoT device, ensuring infor​mation is secure at rest and in motion. Gemalto’s armoury protects the device from design and manufacture stages​, through its entire lifecycle, guarding data against malevolent attack.  

1. Securin​g the Device​

Billions of connected devices will increase the use of software and data in enterprise assets and consumer gadgets. This means new attack points for malicious hackers. Gemalto’s embedded software and hardware solutions for consumer electronics and M2M help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) overcome these security challenges, including intellectual property theft due to the unregulated environment in which these devices operate.

The new Gemalto Trusted Key Manager​ authenticates IoT devices and secures data exchanges on both cellular and non-cellular IoT ecosystems, preventing unauthorized devices and IoT players from joining the network. It ensures the integrity of IoT devices and data they exchange, while speeding up secure IoT deployments. 

2. Securing the Clo​​ud

The more urgent forms of threat come from the enterprise or cloud environment that these smart devices are connected to. Gemalto solutions for data encryption and cloud security provide a comprehensive portfolio for cloud service providers and enterprises to secure their enterprise and cloud assets. Our cloud-b​ased licensing and entitlement​ solution ​helps technology companies leverage the full potential of the cloud environment, ensuring their intellectual property is secured.

3. IoT Security Lifecycle Management

Often overlooked, managing the lifecycle of security components across the device and cloud spectrum is a critical element for a robust and long-term digital security strategy. Security is not a one-off activity, but an evolving part of the IoT ecosystem.

Adding new devices, end-of-life device decommissioning, device integration with a new cloud ecosystem or vice versa, managing secure firmware/software downloads - all these activities necessitate comprehensive management of identities, keys and tokens. Gemalto provides solutions to build a sustainable security lifecycle management infrastructure with capabilities including

​Gemalto’s IoT Security solutions are driving innovation so that we can all realise the benefits of a totally connected world.

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