Mobike and Gemalto drive the IoT bike sharing boom

Providing sustainable public transportation is a critical challenge for city planners who need to keep pace with urban growth and expand services while minimizing traffic congestion, improving air quality and protecting the environment. Mobike, an innovative IoT start-up, launched a groundbreaking bike sharing service that provides affordable, emission-free public transportation in big cities while solving the first and last mile challenge. The company teamed up with Gemalto to provide secure IoT wireless connectivity for Mobike’s growing global fleet of smart bicycles.

Booking a bike is a "snApp”

To start peddling, users simply download the Mobike app and create an account to find the nearest available smart bike. With a single “click”, users can scan the QR code on the bike’s handlebar, which releases an innovative Gemalto-enabled wheel lock before riding away. Customers are charged approximately $0.25 for every 30 minutes of use and payment is handled without exchanging cash or swiping a card. To end the bike rental, customers simply close the lock once it’s parked in a bicycle parking area.​​​

Coming soon to a city near you

Easy access to bicycles gives people in crowded urban areas a quick and cost effective way to get to their train stop on time or attend cultural events without adding to traffic strain and air pollution. Mobike operates in dozens of cities in China and the UK and plans to expand to 200 major cities by the end of 2017. The rise of the sharing economy and Mobike demonstrates the power of the IoT and smart infrastructure to improve convenience while reducing emissions and protecting our environment.

Gemalto’s track record in delivering end-to-end secure connectivity and pre-certified solutions help make seamless connections within the global market. Gemalto is with us in China, and as we expanded into our first international markets - Singapore and Manchester. Our ongoing collaboration will help Mobike's International expansion plans.” Joe Xia, co-founder and CTO of Mobike