Industrial Computing

Boost the efficiency and productivity of your Field Service and Logistic Processes with Cinterion powered technology

Industrial Computing

GSM driven Industrial Computing solutions deliver the power to change field service operations from just being a cost factor to a revenue generating business unit. Wireless transmission of tasks and real time access to information will enlarge the scope and productivity of your field service personnel.

Industrial computing solutions can streamline many areas in the transportation and logistics process, from outbound to the customer location to inbound activities. The resulting automation reduces costs, improves customer service, and increases productivity for drivers, vehicles and administrative personnel.

Through a mixture of technology such as bar code scanning, image captureing, rugged mobile handhelds, voice transmission and networking with Gemalto M2M's Cinterion wireless modules, industrial computing solutions provide all relevant information of business processes in realtime and is leaving behind manual paper and pen based procedures.

The latest Cinterion M2M technology has Java™ support, facilitates rapid data transmission with EDGE and HSDPA and comes with comprehensive engineering support to help OEMs innovate new products and bring them to market in a shorter period of time.