Router and Gateways

Router and Gateways

GSM routers and gateways connect the GSM network to digital or analog fixed networks or to voice-over-IP (VoIP) lines. They make flexible and low-cost communication possible in regions with poor infrastructure where phone lines are lacking. What's more, GSM gateways also permit subscribers to make the best use of the various tariffs offered by mobile network operators thanks to intelligent SIM management. In addition to this, direct connections between the networks enable connection costs to be cut dramatically. The demand for GSM routers is growing rapidly, particularly in emerging markets.

Using Cinterion GSM technology in gateways and routers has various customer benefits:

SIM management

The GSM gateway automatically uses the SIM card with the cheapest rates for calls, and helps you keep your costs down as a result

Wireless local loop

GSM technology bridges the last mile for analog and digital phone, fax, and Internet lines if you run a mobile office

Least cost routing

High connection costs for fixed-to-mobile calls can be reduced through direct connections between the networks by switching to mobile-to-mobile calls


GSM technology allows practical commercial telephony without you having to use the fixed network Cinterion GSM modules feature a first-class voice function and high EDGE or UMTS transmission rates, with constant support being provided by our application engineers.