M2M Services and Solutions

  • M2M Security

    Some of the same elements that have given rise to the M2M industry boom have also enabled a variety of new security threats. Technology advancements and increased computing power, plus declining hardware costs and free software tools widely available on the Internet have contributed to an increased number of security risks. 

    M2M Security

  • Flexible Subscription Management

    Maximizing the supply chaine value with flexible personalization solutions
    Late Stage Personalization: addressing M2M industry requirements and constraints and increasing flexibility in subscription management.

    Flexible Subscription Management

  • M2M Service Enablement

    M2M technology occupies a very tight zone between traditional industries (automotive, health, metering, electrical distribution etc.) and the wireless telecom industry. The two markets have grown with extremely different concepts and practices. The first one believes in superior quality and differentiation as a growth priority while the later has focused more on penetration, innovative products and competitive price points for success. This difference is best demonstrated by considering end user experience and expectations.

    M2M Service Enablement