Flexible Subscription Management

When the solderable embedded SIM first became available, M2M module customers wanted a similar solution that would help ease integration complexity and simplify M2M solution manufacturing while eliminating the need to manage personalized end-user products.

In response, Gemalto M2M introduced to the M2M value chain its Late Stage Personalization (LSP) solution to tackle industrial constraints generated by embedded MIMs. LSP is a Gemalto M2M-hosted service for the M2M market that allows remote M2M MIM card personalization after it has been integrated onto the customer's M2M hardware or into the 3G/GSM modem unit.

Gemalto M2M late stage personalization services provide tools and processes that give the flexibility to personalize MIM cards in a location of your choice – at the factory or during deployment. The personalization process includes selection and secure download of network access credentials for a network operator of your choice to the MIM card.

The key benefits of Late Stage Personalization are

  • Adapt MIM personalization to M2M market needs
  • Optimize logistics and stocks, minimize yield
  • Bringing flexibility to the M2M integrator, device manufacturer or service provider
  • No compromise in security of network operator credentials

Gemalto is the market leader in digital security. Our activities range from development of software applications through the design of secure personal devices such as SIMs, MIMs, e-passports, credit cards to the deployment of managed services for our customers. With over 450 network operators, banks, governments, businesses as our customers – Gemalto is the trusted partner for individual personalization of billions of secure personal devices daily, certified to the best of industry level security practices.

Late Stage Personalization is the first step of an innovative ecosystem of personalization solutions being discussed, designed and standardized at the GSMA. Gemalto M2M is a major player in this group and is actively working with stakeholders to enable this future.

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