M2M Security

Some of the same elements that have given rise to the M2M industry boom have also enabled a variety of new security threats. Technology advancements and increased computing power, plus declining hardware costs and free software tools widely available on the Internet have contributed to an increased number of security risks.

M2M security measures must be considered at the very beginning of development and only an integrated security approach, starting with system design, will be effective to safeguard M2M solutions and ensure their economical success. Careful engineering of end-to-end security architecture is necessary to protect M2M implementations and leverage passive, reactive and active security measures for wireless M2M solutions.

Gemalto M2M has been an industry pioneer for 15 years with a broad portfolio of cellular M2M communication modules. In tight collaboration with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, the company provides a diversified offering of digital security related solutions – from end-to-end security consulting, cellular modules with embedded Java Security Framework and dedicated security features, embedded MIMs (Machine Identification Modules) to secure hardware elements for cellular M2M applications. The combination of Cinterion M2M modules and MIMs provides a new breed of security and connected confidence for M2M solutions; one which has been field-proven in global solutions where security is paramount such as point-of-sale (POS), smart metering, banking, national ID cards and more.


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