M2M Service Enablement

Managing M2M Device Life Cycle Management

To ensure a successful merger of differing expectations and standards, the telecom industry is creating solutions and services in addition to its current infrastructure that help smooth and accelerate M2M growth and the realization of the "Internet of Things" (IOT).

Gemalto M2M is facilitating this merger of standards by offering value added services that provide audit, diagnostic and monitoring capabilities for Machine Identification Modules (MIMs), M2M modules and end user solutions and devices. In addition, we provide standards-based device management solutions, which are increasingly important due to the long life span expected from M2M solutions.

Increase Reliability, Quality of Service, Service Level Agreement

  • MIM audit
  • Monitor and control wireless module
  • Manage anti-fraud

Generate New Revenue Streams

  • MIM based M2M Services (Location, IMEI track, alert to reduce deployment costs for M2M Service Providers)
  • Ready to use service bricks to minimize time to market for your customers

Manage M2M Device Life Cycles

  • Fleet Management
  • Standards-based device configuration
  • Standards-based Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) update


M2M Service Enablement: MIM Services

PDF Leveraging the MIM to help Network Operators differentiate in the M2M Market.

M2M Service Enablement: MIM Services [PDF - 577kb]