Simplifying your IoT Journey

​​Getting started in the IoT journey can appear as an assault course. Gemalto can help you.​

​The shift from M2M to IoT:

As billions of objects are getting connected, we see a shift from connecting an object to one private server, to a multitude of smart objects connected to each others and to servers and clouds. What used to be a rather private connected environment is moving to a huge ecosystem comprising various stakeholders, who can take benefit from each others´ generated data.

Streaming data from billions of devices provides a huge insight into markets and helps developing new business models and revenue streams.​

Gemalto simplifies the IoT for you:

This new and complex ecosystem can make things difficult for new IoT developers or device makers, who - despite a wonderful idea - might not know where to start when willing to connect smart objects or exploit the data these can transfer. And things can get even more complicated for large fleet of devices, aimed to work in remote locations for many years...

With 20 years experience in the M2M and IoT ecosystem, Gemalto is the right partner to help you make the right choices.

​​Building and rolling out IoT applications easier and faster:

If you are looking for the best option to connect your IoT devices, depending on your industry and scalability needs, Gemalto can help you chose the best connectivity option, providing secure, future-proof connectivity as well as long-run uninterrupted services.

Gemalto offers a comprehensive portfolio of ruggedized modules and terminals, SIMs and MIMs, simplified network subscription management and services platforms for effective remote lifecycle management.

Thanks to its extensive set of tools and connectivity services, Gemalto helps you scale your business and remain agile, to make the most of the IoT!