​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Plug ​​and P​​lay 3G M2M Connectivity​

Gemalto's Cinterion ​EHS6 Terminal is a simple and reliable plug-and-play 3G M2M connectivity device that allows new M2M implementers to quickly connect their industrial applications using wireless technology. With very little integration and approval effort, it provides a cost effective, swift solution for improving enterprise optimization technology.

Embedded​​ Ja​​v​aTM

With Java embedded, the EHS6T device ​offers easy and fast application development, a broad choice of tools, reusable exist​ing code​, easy maintenance, a proven security concept, on-device debugging as well as multi-threading programming and program execution.

​​Highly Flexible​ Mounting​ ​Concept

About the size of credit card and encased in robust plastic housing, the miniaturized terminal works in virtually any application providing secure 24-7 connectivity. For quick and easy implementation, the terminal is compatible with a variety of mounting schemes including:

Terminal Variants​​


​​ Product​s​ EHS6T USB EHS6T LAN EHS5T
Cinterion module​EHS6EHS6 EHS5-E/-US
RS-232 (Sub-D) -
Weidmüller connector
(GPIOs, SPI, I2C, RS-485)
●(no RS-485)●(no RS-485)
Ethernet (RJ45)--
Power supply (RJ11)
​RF antenna

Key features of th​​e EHS6T Terminal include:​​

  • Region: Global
  • Five Bands UMTS (WCDMA/FDD
  • Bands: 800, 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz
  • EDGE/GPRS Class 12
  • FOTA, configurable and free of charge
  • Flexible mounting concept
  • USB 2.0
  • Quad-Band GSM
  • Bands: 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz
  • TCP/IP stack access via AT command and transparent TCP services
  • Secure Connection for client IP services
  • Java™ profile IMP-NG & CLDC 1.1 HI​


  • Introducing Gemalto's Cinterion® EHS6T Terminals

    Plug & Play Global 3G Connectivity for Internet of Things. Gemalto’s suite of plug-and-play Cinterion® IoT Terminals offer unprecedented simplicity for new developers and small-scale deployments. With virtually zero design time, no approvals and minimal integration, the Cinterion® EHS6T Terminal works out-of-the box to quickly connect industrial applications to the Internet. It delivers five-band HSPA 3G TCP/IP connectivity anywhere in the world enabling IoT optimization solutions for vending machines, digital signage, security systems, remote monitoring and more.

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