M2M and IoT Security

Some of the same elements that have given rise to the booming M2M and IoT industries are also opening the door to a variety of new security threats. Wireless network evolution, increased computing power, declining costs and open software are just a few advances that increase risk in our new world of connectivity. As the global leader in digital security, Gemalto is uniquely positioned to provide leading edge solutions, platforms and services to protect your data - from the core to the edge and at all points in between. 

Whether designing a new IoT solution or evaluating an existing M2M device, Gemalto provides the expertise and technology elements needed to secure solutions at the right level for each unique use case. With a long history of safeguarding solutions for critical industries such as banking, government, healthcare and IT, we allow people and enterprises to trust in our increasingly connected world. Security is in our DNA!​

  • Security Consulting Services help enterprises identify, analyze and mitigate risk by designing end-to-end security architecture that leverages passive, reactive and active measures to safeguard assets and data.
  • Security Evaluation Services provide thorough penetration testing of devices and systems including reverse engineering and physical and logical manipulation to confirm appropriate security solutions and end-to-end architecture is in place before production begins.
  • Secure Elements provide the maximum level of protection at the edge for the most critical M2M applications including smart grid, automotive and healthcare solutions. They bring together smart card level protection with tamper resistance hardware and multi-application capabilities including crypto functions, credentials and certificates storage.
  • Secure Platforms and a range of software solutions including Subscription Management and On Demand Connectivity protect data at the core and in motion and greatly simplify solution deployment as well.



  • Trust is Everything

    The Gemalto Pocket Guide to Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

    In an age where everything is connected and cyberattacks are inevitable, trust is essential. Gemalto delivers the solutions, services and platforms that protect Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications from the edge to the core.

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    Security Consulting for Automotive.

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