Gemalto Trusted Key Manager

​​​​The end-to-end security solution for IoT devices using LoRaWAN™​


The ​IoT and wireless technology are evolving at an incredibly fast pace to manage billions of new connected objects. New Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) are emerging. They offer boundless and versatile connectivity options, for IoT use cases requiring low-power consumption, long-range connectivity and low bandwidth.

LoRaWAN™, one of the leading LPWAN technologies, was developed to connect cost sensitive, battery-operated things that don’t require high bandwidth and speed. It offers extreme power efficiency and long-rang connectivity, making it ideal for applications deployed in hard-to-service locations that need to operate for 10 years or more. 

With a massive amount of connected devices, the cyber-attack surface is increasing. Strong digital security is a must-have for all ecosystems players leveraging LoRaWAN. To secure these networks, Gemalto - sponsor member of the LoRa Alliance  - developed the Gemalto Trusted Key Manager.

​​​The solution

The Gemalto Trusted Key Manager provides device makers, network operators and service providers with an advanced solution that ensures the end-to-end security of IoT devices connecting over global LoRa®   networks. The solution manages key provisioning and strong authentication on multiple levels, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data transferred over LoRa networks. It also allows seamless IoT device onboarding on any LoRa network. The solution can be deployed in cloud-based or in-house infrastructure. 

The way it​​ works

Using market-proven, standardized cryptography, the solution allows LoRa-based devices and LoRa networks to authenticate each other, ensuring a secure network​´join process´. This automated and secure digital enrollment leverages a double key provisioning so that only authorized devices can connect to authorized networks. In addition, a second mutual authentication process between the device and the application server ensures complete data confidentiality, granting access only to applications or solution providers who own specific keys.   

 * LoRa, LoRaWAN and the LoRa Alliance are marks used under license from the LoRa Alliance. 

The Key Benef​its​​

Leveraging decades of experience successfully managing secure credential provisioning and authentication in the banking and telecom sectors, the Gemalto Trusted Key Manager simplifies security management and offers clear advantages to all the ecosystem players:

IoT Device Ma​​kers: 

  • Removes the burden of security provisioning, saving time and money
  • Single device design allowing easy IoT device onboarding on any LoRa network and market
  • Simplifies device lifecycle management through automated and secure network ´join process´ 

​​LoRa Network Operators: ​

  • Simplifies device network onboarding, which is crucial when devices change ownership or country of operation, for instance

I​​oT Application servers and End Users: 

  • Ensures confidentiality and integrity of accessed data


  • Gemalto Trusted Key Manager for LoRa®

    Gemalto Trusted Key Manager

    Giving device makers, network operators and service providers a fully-featured solution that brings end-to-end security to IoT devices connecting on the booming LoRa® networks.

    Gemalto Trusted Key Manager