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Mobile Trust Net is our response to helping customers create trusted, innovative services at huge scale. On the Network and In the Device, we provide them with safe, advanced and reliable value-added mobile solutions.​

Mobile Trust Net​

Let’s put trust to work!

On the Network: Ou​r powerful software platforms allow you deliver innovative and secure mobile and machine-to-machine value-added services at huge scale across your network.

In the Device: Our embedded software and products authenticate every mobile device and machine for secure applications and trusted value-added services

Expert Services: We have pioneered the introduction of innovative new client-server services and apps for the last two decades with the world’s leading mobile players. We know what works.

  • 7 myths about Mobile NFC

    Mobile NFC is now more diverse than ever and yet still raises some concerns. Don't wait any further, clear up 7 key concerns about mobile NFC!

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  • Allynis ID Verification

    A comprehensive identity verification solution for subscribers’ enrollment

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  • Download the CEM Survey

    Customer Experience Management - An international study of operators’ expectations

    Gemalto sponsors the 2016 Annual Industry Survey conducted by (with responses from over 1,500 telecom professionals) and has chosen the CEM topic to better understand the industry and expose its own vision of CEM.

    Download the​m Annual Industry Survey 2016

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  • Posted on May 25, 2016

    Tackling 7 myths about mobile NFC

    NFC is increasing in popularity across the world, but there are still some common misconceptions about this revolutionary technology. It’s now time to dispel them.

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