Internet of Things


Take a tour of the new world​​ of mobility

​​ ​Put on virtual reality goggles and take a journey through a new world of mobility! You'll experience the way we enable modern mobile lifestyles through cutting-edge technologies for connectivity, data security and trust-based value-added servic​es. Discover our solutions that facilitate billions of connected lives, for those p​​lanning a journey, making online payments, traveling on public transport, driving smart cars and accessing a huge range of services through their mobile devices.

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On-Demand Connectivity

Connect any device, anywhere, anytime

Discover how you can deploy Gemalto's On-Demand Connectivity solutions to provide instant cellular connectivity to any M2M or consumer device anywhere in the world, and manage subscriptions remotely, securely and flexibly throughout the device lifecycle.

We will show you how we provide stand-alone cellular connectivity to smart devices the minute they are activated by using our embedded SIM and provisioning service. And how we enable changes to  initial operational subscriptions with no impact on the device itself.

On-Demand Connectivity opens up new markets to MNOs. It also simplifies manufacturing and deployment processes for equipment manufacturers to connect their devices so that end users can enjoy a wealth of flexible value-added services.

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​​​Wearable payment solutions

​​Bring value-added services to new connected devices

We provide the end-to-end infrastructure to enable secure payment solutions on any new connected device. We will demonstrate our secure and  convenient NFC payment so​lution integrated in MyKronoz smartwatch, through an end-user journey, including:

  • The payment enrollment process, associating the payment application in a MyKronoz smartwatch.
  • Topping up a prep​aid account.
  • Paying with a MyKronoz smartwatch on a POS terminal.
  • Managing the prepaid account, with the option to change the associated bank account, and to activate or deactivate it.


This demonstration shows the fabulous potential of Gemalto's secure infrastructure to open up new payment functionalities on connected consumer devices. With our solutions, device manufacturers and service providers can offer end-users a trusted service with full control of their operations through user-friendly interfaces and interactions.

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Quality of Service for IoT

Secure reliable connectivity for smart objects

The fast-paced development of the IoT has made reliable, quick and trusted connectivity absolutely essential. IoT Quality of Service is the perfect tool for MNOs and OEMs to seamlessly monitor the quality of mobile network services in an IoT environment, across a wide range of use cases including automotive, smart metering, smart home and connected POS. Our solution enables MNOs and OEMs to collect tailored data, to proactively detect problems in real time and to enforce service level agreements (SLAs).

We will showcase a real-time deployment scenario monitoring the connectivity of 100 POS terminals in Spain. Data will be collected in real time and analyzed dynamically using our analytics dashboard interface, where different KPIs will be displayed in order to monitor both network service and SLAs.

IoT Quality of Service enables reliable cellular connectivity monitoring of any smart object. MNOs can add value to IoT connectivity deployments, while device manufacturers and service providers are ensured strong device connectivity through clear SLA monitoring.

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IoT Authentication & Encryption 

Build a trusted foundation for your IoT infrastructure 

The IoT is emerging at a time when our data and systems are under increasing threat. To unleash the full potential of the IoT, devices, cloud platforms and communications between the two must be secured.​​​​​​​ 

We will present our comprehensive portfolio of Authentication and Encryption to make sure your devices, clouds and data are always safe:

  • Establishing trusted identities and strong authentication with our Identity and Access Management solutions
  • Protecting data at rest (in the device and in the cloud) and data in motion (communications) through our Data Encryption solutions.

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IoT Monetization

Maximizing the value from your IoT business model

IoT is on track to disrupt conventional business models.  This software-driven, connected world requires the right tools to effectively protect and remotely manage the multitude of IoT devices while maximizing the value derived from the data and services the ecosystem offers. In order to monetize the IoT, businesses – whether providers of end user devices or complete IoT solutions – must be prepared to adapt their offerings to meet the changing needs of the market.

We will present the Gemalto Sentinel portfolio of software monetization solutions. These offer flexible license models, enabling you to track and control usage, and manage user entitlements. They give your businesses the ability to evolve with the market, ensuring profitability now and in the future.

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​​Unlocking the potential of the smart car

We will showcase two specific demos for car access:


Secure ID car access

Combining eID with M2M for new IoT services

Gemalto brings its digital security expertise and leadership from government programs and the M2M world to create innovative and secure mobility services. Converging our technologies enables us to transform government-issued electronic IDs into highly secure and seamless authentication modes for smart car access.

This demo showcases the way people can use an eDriver license to digitally authenticate themselves to a car rental service, and simply unlock and start a rental car with just the help of their smartphone. Through offering more convenient new mobility services to citizens, governments monetize their investment in eID while service providers benefit from a more efficient way to identify customers.

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Valeo smart car keys

Unlocking new mobile services

Gemalto and Valeo​, one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, have jointly developed a secure end-to-end virtual key solution for the automotive industry. We will showcase Valeo In-Blue® technology, which allows users to lock,  unlock and control  a car through their smartphones.  It also pr​ovides real time access from the phone to data such as location, fuel level and maintenance information.

Users s​​imply have to download the Valeo In-Blue® app to gain access to the smart car key and be able to share through the phone - an ideal solution for car sharing/rental companies or individuals. The integration between Valeo InBlue® and Gemalto's Trusted Services Hub (TSH)​  enables the secure provisioning of smart car keys into a maximum range of smartphones, leveraging all available security frameworks including Secure Elements and Trusted Execution Environment.

How does it work?  Car owners simply open the User Management section of the Valeo mobile app, entering the contact number of the person to be driving the car. When access is granted, the Valeo server sends the data to the TSH which then downloads the secure container to host Valeo keys ​onto the driver's phone. They can then unlock and start the car with their smartphone.

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Trusted Labs

Creating Trust in a connected world

How confident are you in the security of your mobile solutions (device or application) be it on the phone, in the car or at home? Have you set the appropriate security objectives? What are the criteria for choosing an appropriate security strategy, such as a certification scheme? Do you know how to measure and control security over time?

Questions and answers that Trusted Labs, an independent affiliate of Gemalto and a global security expert within the connected ecosystem can help you with. Mobile is everywhere; our 16 years of worldwide security expertise in consulting, evaluation and scheme definition in the banking, automotive, energy, transport and telecom sectors can ensure you security. Join us and discuss with experts in TEE, HCE, SE, application security, security b​est practices, certification programs and more.

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