Internet of Things

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On-Demand Connectivity: Instant device connectivity and subscription management

On-Demand Connectivity provides instant mobile broadband connectivity and flexible subscription management to a wide variety of new connected M2M and consumer devices. To illustrate how our solution helps MNOs, device manufacturers and service providers ensure connectivity everywhere, we will be showcasing two solutions: 

  • Smart Watch: Gemalto enables cellular connectivity for the revolutionary Limmex smart watch, featuring an emergency call button. Gemalto's Cinterion MIM combined with its On-Demand Provisioning Service simplifies the manufacturing process and ensures instant device connection anywhere in the world after deployment.
  • Automotive: With On-Demand Connectivity, the automotive market can offer a rich mix of connected services such as communication between connected vehicles, sophisticated in-car infot​ainment, navigation and emergency assistance. ​​​

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M2M: Smart delivery solution for an improved customer experience

Gemalto will be showcasing how its Cinterion embedded hardware and software building blocks including the SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform work with SAP HANA to empower businesses to operate in real-time and with flexibility in a consumer environment.

We will demonstrate how this solution can significantly improve online retail experiences and enable "moments of excellence" by providing shoppers with convenient track-and-trace information about their delivery as well as live customer notifications based on real-time route analysis. Shortly before the estimated time of delivery, the SensorLogic platform combined with HANA Business Intelligence, generate an SMS status update to inform a recipient of an imminent delivery, and as such, improving the overall online shopping experience and turning the "last mile" into a potential "moment of excellence". 

The solution combines Gemalto's expertise in M2M hardware, software and services with the real-time time analysis capabilities of SAP's HANA platform to illustrate how we enable data from devices to be transformed into actionable intelligence​

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Customer Experience: Providing the best possible automotive connectivity experience

The development of connected cars means that reliable, fast and trusted connectivity is essential. Gemalto's Customer Experience platform insures the monitoring of mobile networks in order to always provide the most seamless user connectivity experience. Through a software agent embedded in a car's radio module or as an applet on the MIM, coverage, 3 or 4G radio technology and events such as no service and data connection failure can be logged and uploaded for analysis and reporting.

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