mCommerce & NFC

Trusted Service Hub: The orchestration of mobile services


These days, organizations want to deploy innovative new mobile services and payment solutions quickly, efficiently and securely, to reach as many users as possible. Gemalto's Trusted Service Hub (TSH) is a turnkey business offer for secure and quick mobile service deployment for any type of industries: banks, transport operators, device makers, MNOs etc…. It is agnostic and future-proof, simple and seamless, connected and scalable./p>

This demo offers a web interface to simulate the connection of a bank to the TSH, with a wizard-like flow to highlight the simplicity of TSH. Configuration is easy and banks can reach a maximum number of end users across multiple MNOs and handset models whilst ensuring the best security available.

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NFC for Transport: Innovative mobile contactless transportation solutions


With Gemalto technology, transport authorities can now deploy multiple ticketing services from different countries in a single mobile device. No more queuing at ticket machines, no need to find how to buy a transport card – access to public transportation is now just a few mobile phone clicks away.  Travelers will be able to conveniently download, use and reload transport ticketing applications from many capital cities. 

This important breakthrough in the mobile services landscape will be showcased by:

  • A set of different ticketing technologies, including MIFARE, FeliCa, and T-Money, that only Gemalto is able to offer
  • A real customer initiative, related to demands from Asian countries, including Hong-Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore
  • An end-to-end offer to deploy and remotely manage cross-border services.

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Mobile Marketing: Engage and Monetize your mobile consumer database

Your mobile consumer database is a gold treasure. You have a fantastic opportunity to generate new revenue streams with it!

Gemalto is here to enable you to engage and monetize your mobile consumer database, for customer relationship, upsell and cross-sell of your own services and for advertising purposes.

Gemalto will showcase our Mobile Engagement and Monetization​ solution that:

  • Fully respects consumer Privacy- First
  • Enables app promotion, mCRM, mAdvertising, mCommerce, mCouponing, mLoyalty, etc.
  • Offers a maximum reach if combined with Gemalto's Smart Message solution
  • Maximizes click-through and conversion rates thanks to our Marketing & Consulting Services team of experts
  • Provides relevant advanced analytics and segmentation criteria such as location or consumer preferences.​

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