Enterprise Authentication & Cloud Services: Building trust in the core of your infrastructure​

​The recent acquisition of SafeNet reinforces Gemalto's leading position in trusted authentication, and brings improved security in the core of your infrastructure. We will be showcasing two SafeNet solutions: 

​​​​Enterpris​​​e authentication​
SafeNet Authentication Service delivers fully-automated, highly secure authentication-as-a service with flexible token options that ensure secure mobility for administrators and users. With no infrastructure required, SafeNet Authentication Service enables a quick migration to a multi-tier and multi-tenant cloud environment, protecting all resources, from cloud-based and on-premises applications, to networks, users, and devices.

​Cloud Security​
This solution provides customer-owned encryption and key management service for the cloud. SafeNet ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure enable service providers and their customers to secure and segregate data in multi-tenant, virtual cloud environments. ​

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Mobile Enterprise Security​: Bringing security to mobile devices

Gemalto's Mobile Enterprise Security solution has been designed for enterprises requiring the same level of security on mobile devices as on PCs. We provide solutions and services to provision, store and make available employees credentials securely on any mobile device. They can then enjoy seamless usage of a wide range of mobile applications without compromising security, such as secure email, crypto, etc., using their mobile as a badge. 

We will demonstrate how Gemalto brings security to mobile devices using a wide range of secure elements, including badges, UICC, TEE and embedded secure elements inside wearable or directly in the handset.​

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Mobile ID services to consumers​​: Revolutionizing online service activities for billions of people

Mobile ID provides a universal and secure single means of identification and authentication to a wide range of online services from eMerchants, banks, enterprises, and public bodies. This solution enables mobile operators to become universal identity providers and leverage new revenue streams for authentication services and ID brokerage. 

We will be showcasing how all online users can now easily and securely register, sign in, authenticate, confirm transaction and payments, and digitally sign documents, using a unique username and a unique password, by simply typing 'OK' or entering a code on their mobile phone.

Mobile ID service is fully compliant to GSMA Mobile Connect, and is the unique solution addressing all level of security. Online service providers can offer even more innovative services, develop new revenue streams and make significant savings. 

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