eCommerce and mPayment


Mobile dynamic code verification

An easy way to fight card-not-present fraud 

As the vol​​​ume of online purchases increases and card-present security grows stronger, payment fraud is migrating to card-not-present (CNP) transactions. Most consumers understand the need for security but they also want the most convenient way to shop. So preventing and fighting CNP fraud is imperative to preserving the versatility and freedom of the online shopping experience​.

You will be able to see our Ezio Dynamic Code Verification (DCV) mobile solution that allows card issuers to replace the static security cryptogram traditionally used for online purchases with a dynamic code displayed in a mobile application. This time-based code makes it impossible for hackers to reuse stolen static card data for fraudulent transactions. Furthermore, Ezio helps card issuers cut fraud without affecting the online payment infrastructure of eMerchants, PSPs and acquirers.

Ezio DCV Mobile is easy to deploy and can be rolled out very quickly as there is very limited education to be done. The consumer experience is totally intuitive and can be either delivered as a ready to use dedicated application or easily embedded into existing banking apps. The solution is already deployed by BBVA Bancomer in Mexico

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Cloud-Based Mobile Payment 

Bringing secure mobile payment solutions 


Gemalto's Cloud-Based Mobile Payment offer is based on host card emulation (HCE) and tokenization services. It facilitates issuers' mobile payment project launches by giving higher flexibility and independence.  User enrolment and service deployment are simplified yet highly secure thanks to a range of security mechanisms including tokenization. The solution incorporates provisioning, account enablement and tokenization/de-tokenization services, along with a mobile application.

We will demonstrate the complete solution, focusing on the server interface to show the different stages from enrolment and card digitalization to Card token PAN management and payment.

With Gemalto's Cloud-Based Mobile Payment solution, issuers can remain network-neutral and have full control of their solution, supporting all payment schemes including domestic networks. Being part of our Trusted Services Hub (TSH), this platform is compatible with all security frameworks available systems and payment models. This means that the mobile payment service solution can evolve to work with other frameworks such as TEE or SE-based systems depending on future market developments​.

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Mobile Connect

Meet us at our stand & let's introduce you to Mobile ID by Gemalto, a Mobile Connect Compliant service, providing comprehensive technologies for Authentication & Identity Management services. With this solution, you can become a universal Digital Identity Provider . Beyond the  technology, we will also support you commercially on building a national or international Mobile Connect ecosystem.

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Direct Carrier Billing Solution

Payment in one click for mobile content and services​

Gemalto's Direct Carrier Billing offer means that consumers downloading mobile content and services can pay quickly and easily via their regular phone bill.   Targeting specific verticals such as urban services for transport ticketing and parking, as well as social communities and eServices, Gemalto increases conversion rates and speed of transactions, as well as offering a consistent look & feel across devices.

The demo will take the position of the end-user who wants to make a purchase over their mobile device.  They click to buy and are taken to the payment page to confirm.  Once confirmed, the amount is charged to the mobile phone bill and the content is downloaded.  The demonstration will show the different pages, complete with customization,  involved in the payment process from decision to purchase to completed transaction​.

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