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​On-Demand Connectivity

 Turning things on!

Technology is transforming the paradigm of connected living, moving from simple mobility solutions to hyper connectivity in the Internet of Things.

According to the GSMA, mobile connectivity contributes about 3.8% of the world's total GDP. That's roughly $3 trillion worth of economic value, which is anticipated to grow further in the coming years with tens of billions of endpoints anticipated to be connected by the turn of the decade.

In this hyper-connected world, Gemalto's On-Demand Connectivity solution gives OEM, MNO and Service Providers the capability to securely manage the lifecycle of cellular subscriptions, in order to deliver a seamless customer experience for connecting consumer and industrial devices. 

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ID Verification 

Fight against Identity fraud

Discover our  easy and secure solution for enrolling ne​w customers online – anytime, anywhere – with ID Verification from Gemalto.

Identity document verification forms an integral part of sensitive processes like enrollment and registration, as well as in situations where certified identity is crucial - such as at border control or during bank transactions. Reliable verification is vital to combating identity fraud and related criminal activities.

These procedures known as KYC (Know Your Customer) are used by public and private sector institutions, document verification agencies, to combat identity or financial fraud as well as to comply with international regulations against money laundering and terrorist financing.

ID Verification can be deployed together with our biometric identification solution to determine whether the document bearer is the rightful owner. It can be delivered as a standalone cloud service or a software development kit (SDK) that integrates into a third-party system.

Our cloud based solution and SDK addresses multiple industries such as MNOs, Banks & Financial institutions, Transport Operators, Postal Services, Car rental, Hotels, gaming and many more.

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Automotive solutions

Enabling a secure world of new mobility

In the fast-paced automotive industry, innovation and leading edge technology are paramount to success. Connected cars  do more than just improve communication and convenience, they are  a true revolution to the industry and are  transforming the way we live and travel!

Growing traffic congestion, emerging smart city technologies, new CO₂ emissions legislation and increasing fuel prices are shifting traditional transportation paradigms worldwide. Increased collaboration between enterprises across the entire transportation spectrum is giving rise to a world of new mobility, new opportunities and new challenges.

Being a valued partner in the automotive industry since the 1990s, Gemalto is helping revolutionize modern transportation and drive us toward a world of new mobility.

At MWC, Gemalto and its partner Forgerock offer a solution to enable these new mobility services, by combining Gemalto digital and secure authentication knowledge, and the “Forgerock” ID management expertise.

Gemalto will showcase during the MWC how a user can be securely authenticated, and enrolled into a mobility service, using ID verification and facial authentication from a Smartphone. The user specific credentials and secure settings can then be loaded into the In -Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI). This includes the user’s subscription linked to his personal data plan, the user’s credit card and other personal settings.

Think the impossible and create it with Gemalto.​

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Smart Cities

Let's build smarter cities together, Gemalto is here to help 

Cities are getting smarter. Connected devices, rich interfaces, ubiquitous services and digital identities are enabling real benefits. It is trust that sits at the heart of these innovative technologies and services, enabling more convenience and security, to bring a better way of life.

The benefits of seamless and trusted digital services are real. What is at stake is the users' willingness to adopt these new services, so that providers of everyday services like mass transit, smart city lighting and electrical vehicle charging can maximize the added value and efficiency from their investments.And users will only use these innovative services at large scale if they trust them.

Gemalto and its partners offer solutions to enable, securely deploy, manage and monetize cellular connectivity and security for industrial equipment and critical infrastructure over their entire lifecycle.

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Mobile security and authentication

Bring trust to digital interactions

As the world goes increasingly digital and connected, it becomes paramount to bring trust to digital interactions by providing security to the parties involved. This is true for governments, mobile network operators, corporations and financial institutions.

In banking, for instance, this is essential. As banks offer more and more digital services – online banking, mobile banking, P2P payments, and eCommerce transactions – they need to make sure they implement security that keeps them and their users safe.

Ezio Mobile offers mobile security and authentication. It enables any service provider to reconcile richer services with a safe experience, by leveraging their customer’s smartphones. And it includes biometrics such as fingerprint and face recognition to allow for a smooth user experience.

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