Allynis Managed Services

Giving your customers the most successful services.

 Today, Telecom operators need to supply key differentiating services but do not want to over-invest on related technology and resources.

The managed services market is predicted to grow at a 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2010 (source IDC, Feb 2007).

Operator challenges

  • Anticipate subscriber demand
  • Adapt to technology evolution and market moves
  • Optimize value of new services
  • Limit risk and reduce complexity


Removing the burden and the complexity of bringing new mobile services to the market, operators can now benefit from the Gemalto operated services as a way to reduce time to market and introduce new features, all while limiting the cost of their investment.

Solution's key features


Operator benefits

Allynis Hosted services
  • Application owned, operated and hosted by Gemalto
  • Strong SLA adapted to MNO requirements
  • Service performance monitoring
  • Service usage analysis and reporting

Allynis Operated services

  • MNO host the solutions
  • On a temporary or permanent basis to operate your solutions
  • Gemalto provides skilled resources
  • Deliver latest differentiating services quickly
  • Maximize service adoption and usage
  • Easy deployment with maximum confidence
  • No investment


Associated technology


End -user value

  • Gemalto OTA servers applications and end-users services
  • Gemalto partners solutions
  • Gemalto worldwide hosting centers


  • Proven customer experience
  • Availability of services
  • Quality of service
  • Easy access to a large portfolio of services
  • Security of data and privacy protection

The Gemalto managed services model is applicable to a complete portfolio of services such as
OTA Platform

New applications, such as Mobile NFC and Mobile TV, require operators to share the management of certain applications with external service providers. By operating such applications on behalf of our customers, Gemalto acts as an external “neutral” partner to administer these applications on the MNO device infrastructure (SIM plus handset).