Allynis Personal Cloud Service Boosting

​​Maximizing revenues and improving the service experience


Boosting: Ensuring the success of your personal cloud offer

You’re offering a backup or mail service to your users and want to ensure a high level of adoption and an easy user experience?

Launching a new telecom service is a tough challenge and success is by no means guaranteed. Gemalto’s Personal Cloud Service Boosting offer is available for Gemalto hosted customers (Allynis). It gives visibility on LinqUs Personal Cloud Services and enables marketing managers to tailor their services to the right audience.

Personal Cloud Service Boosting helps you:

  • Define your target audience
  • Create an appealing user experience?
  • Promote your service offering effectively
  • Monitor who is using your services and with what frequency
  • Track service performance

A set of tools to ease enrollment and boost service awareness

Promotion is key to service awareness and uptake, and Gemalto can help you dynamically and remotely promote your service to boost service discovery and maximize revenue generation.

Welcome message & automatic services configuration: a traffic boosting premium

Gemalto’s welcome message and automatic services configuration offers a unique way to promote and provide protection services to end-users and enable a full protection of user data when they are interested by such kind of services.


Auto-promotion means operators can remind subscribers of the importance of backing up their personal content on a regular basis.

Teasing campaigns

100% of the equipped users can be addressed for Teasing campaigns; Personal Cloud Services – Traffic Boosting also creates ties between the SIM & the Handset content.
Such campaigns address all subscribers who are equipped but who may not be using the service regularly. Through simple and accurate messages, occasional users are invited back to use the service.​ 


Allynis™ Personal Cloud Service Boosting

Maximizing revenues and improving the service experience

Allynis™ Personal Cloud Service Boosting [PDF -713 kb]​​