Gemalto at the forefront

Gemalto is leading the way in several commercial LTE deployments and through its work with the LTE Work Group in the SIMalliance. It is helping mobile network operators – such as NTT DOCOMO in Japan and Verizon Wireless in the US – deploy new value-added services using ultra-high-speed data access and IP connectivity.

Its LTE solutions include the LTE Full-IP Over-The-Air platform, which enables operators to instantly activate the end-user’s subscriptions, manage user rights and securely deliver a reliable data connection over their LTE network. Meanwhile, the LTE Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) provides the reassurance of business continuity with state-of-the-art security and connectivity.

Gemalto won two Informa LTE Awards at the LTE World Summit 2011, for "Best contribution to LTE standards" and "Best enabling technology", one 4G World Award in 2011 and two Informa LTE Awards at the LTE World Summit 2012 for "Best contribution to R&D for LTE" and "most innovative LTE application/service."


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