Device Management

Helping you grow data income and maximize customer satisfaction

Looking for the latest smartphone, users are changing their devices more frequently, creating a direct impact on operators' customer care costs. Moreover, subscribers no longer wish to configure their devices manually, expecting an out-of-the-box experience with immediate access to their favorite services.

Gemalto’s Device Management solution enables operators to remotely manage the entire life cycle of a device, significantly reducing support costs, considerably increasing data revenue, and maximizing customer satisfaction.


More than 100 operators around the world use Gemalto’s DM-Center, and rely on it for a range of use cases including:

Automatic Device Detection:

The DM-Detect server provides device-tracking features to keep subscriber and device information up to date using one of the following methods:

  • Automatic update upon reception of device change notification from the network (MSC/VLR, EIR, mediation system etc.)
  • Automatic update upon reception of device change SMS notification from a standard and interoperable (U)SIM application
  • Periodical batch analysis from call detail record (CDR) input files

Automatic device configuration:

At the heart of Gemalto’s DM-Center is the industry’s largest device repository with a knowledge database of 20,000 identified devices such as smartphones, tablets, M2M devices, etc. Up to bi-weekly deliveries with hot upgrades keep the solution up to date with the latest models released.

Thanks to this library, DM-Center can automatically identify and configure mobile devices on the network. This ensures that subscribers enjoy a smooth and simple transition to a new device, and that operators achieve significant support cost savings.

Device Based Marketing Analysis:

Gemalto provides powerful tools, based on more than 500 device capabilities, to give a clear view of the installed devices base, to build targeted customer lists for promotional campaigns, and to define device-based business rules in operator back-office applications. As such, Gemalto can help boost the effectiveness of user campaigns and maximize VAS revenue for operators.


LinqUs Device Manager Center

Helping you grow data income and maximize customer satisfaction

LinqUs™ Device Management Center [PDF - 211kb]