Mobile Wallet

Facilitating and securing rich mobile financial services

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Mobile banking | mobile payment | NFC services | Loyalty programs


Who is Mobile Wallet for?

LinqUs Mobile Wallet is a complete suite of secure software solutions that enables a range of NFC services, mobile banking, mobile payment and loyalty programs, all integrated in a single wallet.
It enables banks, financial institutions and retailers to rapidly deploy a breadth of services that can be customized to their specific needs.

Benefits for service providers and MNOs

Rapid implementation and delivery for speedy market entry

  • Flexibility to tailor to specific requirements
  • Powerful backend components to deliver rich financial services
  • In-depth experience to ensure a turnkey solution managed by experts
  • Reduced testing costs thanks to extensive pretesting combined with optional per-model porting service
  • Backed up by Gemalto’s proven security expertise

Benefits for end-users

  • A convenient, flexible and hassle-free range of services
  • A wallet they can trust, using Gemalto’s best-in-class security
  • Easy access to banking and payment anywhere, anytime
  • Simplified and real-time couponing and discounts

What’s in our offer?

LinqUs Mobile Wallet solution includes secure application framework, a dedicated mobile wallet server, and connectivity with Gemalto’s secure platforms for TSM (Trusted Service Management) and mobile payment.


LinqUs™ Mobile Wallet


Facilitating and securing rich mobile financial services.

LinqUs™ Mobile Wallet [PDF - 312kb]

Gemalto Mobile Retail Solutions

Why Gemalto?

  • It supports a wide range of applications from payment, transport, couponing and loyalty programs
  • Compatible with Gemalto TSM and mobile payment platform. These back-end servers are pre-integrated, creating the ideal environment for swift adoption
  • We provide pretested components and baseline implementation
  • It runs on all major mobile operating systems
  • Compatible with Visa, MasterCard and American Express