SIMessenger Windows Live Messenger

Important  - Legal notice

Microsoft has decided to discontinue their Windows Live Messenger service.
As a consequence, Gemalto is forced to terminate the access to the SIMessenger effective as of March 1st, 2014.

Please begin to plan the decommissioning of your Windows Live SIMessenger clients.

SIMessenger, bringing instant messaging to anyone with a mobile phone

SIMessenger is the service that offers customers their familiar instant messaging to a mobile environment.

Protect, Organize and CommunicateIt is available on 100% handsets with an easy and intuitive look & feel.

The solution combines the reach of mobile handset, the communities and features of PC based Windows Live Messaging Services and ease of text messaging, in ONE single solution.

This offering from Gemalto, is a SIM card based Instant Messaging client connected to a powerful gateway and is developed in strong partnership with Microsoft®.

With Facebook for SIM, Gemalto also offers a SIM-based service to access Facebook.