Mobile Financial Services

​The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the use of the mobile device for financial transactions, revolutionizing the way people receive financial services across the globe. Mobile Financial Services (MFS) have become a ke​y long-term strategy for banks, financial institutions, mobile network operators (MNOs) and retailers worldwide.

At Gemalto we create solutions to support our customers in this new mobile-connected world. Gemalto has a unique advantage, with over 25 years of experience in financial and mobile security – the very areas that overlap to provide Mobile Financial Services.

  • Mobile Payment

    Bringing value to payments on mobile .

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  • Mobile Money

    Providing secure banking services for the unbanked.

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  • Trusted S​ervice Hub

    The Most Comprehensive Hub Service to Simplify the Roll Out of Secure Services on Mobile

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  • Mobile NFC and TSM Services

    Trusted partner for NFC services deployment and secure provisioning of credential management .

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  • Mobile Wallet

    Facilitating and securing rich mobile financial services .

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Customer references  

Bringing financial services to the unbanked



Mobile end-users
shopping journey


    Description: Gemalto’s Mobile Wallet is an innovative multi-channel wallet solution that end-users can personalize and retailers can use to interact with consumers through targeted, contextualized promotional offers and advertising.
    It is part of Gemalto Mobile Trust Net solutions which secure key points of the mobile value chain.

NFC Service


    Description: Mobile wallets allow consumers to use their mobile phones for in-store payment, transport ticketing, loyalty and more. Our platforms load these applications into secure NFC SIM cards to create multi-purpose digital wallets for consumers. See more -

MFS available to everyone


    Description: Making Mobile Financial Services available to anyone.
    A journey into Mobile FInancial Services around the world.

Transformation of Banking


    Description: Gemalto presents the transformation of Banking.

Parkour & Gemalto Mobile NFC


    Description: Don't Be Late – Parkour and Gemalto Mobile NFC Services
    Gemalto mobile NFC and some slick Parkour moves make everyday life interactions like access to buildings, transport, payments and transactions easy.


Mobile Financial Services


The Impact of Mobile Commerce

From taxis to transportation tickets, mobile commerce is everywhere. Watch our video to see how we've brought the numbers to life.

Mobile payment is growing at an incredible speed – global transactions may top US$426 billion in 2015. End users, especially in urban areas, can get through many daily tasks simply by using their NFC-enabled phone.