Mobile Payment Solutions

At the core of our mobile payment offer sits our Trusted Services Hub, a tested infrastructure that issuers, device manufacturer

The world of digital payments is evolving constantly with an increasing number of options available to consumers. This means that issuers, retailers, mobile network operators, transit operators and many other service providers need to adapt their digital payment strategies to the new needs of their customers and latest technologies.

At the heart of this evolution we find the mobile device. An increasing number of people are ready to adopt mobile payment or pay with wearable devices. Between 2015 and 2020 Future Market Insights forecasts a 39% CAGR growth in mobile payments.  

When looking at mobile payment the landscape is complex with a myriad of channels and security options (Secure Element, TEE, HCE-based, Tokenization) which companies can find daunting. Nonetheless, you need to embrace the technology and the opportunities for digital payment transformation, or risk missing out on a new revenue stream. 

We believe that the winners in the new world of mobile payments will be those that maintain a relentless focus on the end-user experience. That means orchestrating solutions that offer:

    Digital payments go mobile
  • ​​Speed and convenience: mobile payments must be easier than cards or cash and must work every time.
  • Simplicity: frictionless consumer enrolment.
  • Rewards: discounts, VIP treatments, promotions, early access, inside information for more value.
  • Security: keeping money protected from fraudsters.
  • Freedom: pay for anything, anywhere, at any time, by any method.
  • Future enhancements: stay ahead of the curve with new applications and services.


Digital payments go mobile

Read our Mobile Payment Guide​ for an overview of the digital payment business models and how they compare against 5 key criteria.


Orchestrating Mobile Payment

Gemalto provides two interconnected solutions let you develop, deploy and manage exciting new mobil​​e​ payment services with dynamic security at any transaction scale to suit every business model:

Trusted Service Hub 
Trusted ServiceS Hub

​At the core of our mobile payment offer sits our Trusted Services Hub, a tested infrastructure that issuers, device manufacturers, service providers and mobile network operators can rely on for instant access to millions of users with a secure, future-proof solution to deploy and manage the mobile payment service.  It can handle all available security frameworks and both own​ wallets or third party wallets​. 

Trusted Services Hub

Mobile Wallet Development 
Mobile Wallet Development

Everything you n​eed to create, deploy, secure and manage mobile wallets that inspire consumers to engage and spend with loyalty. We help you become the wallet provider of choice with attractive, simple experience based on NFC, QR, SMS or any new, emerging channel that builds closer bonds between your brand and your ​customers. 

 Mobile Wallet Development


How to secure mobile payment 

Gemalto provides a range of security solutions to support every type of payment infrastructure

Tokenization Platform 

Tokenization Platform

Our versatile tokenization platform provides token creation, de-tokenization and lifecycle management. It helps reduce cross channel fraud and accelerates mobile payment adoption. It can be used for NFC payment and e-commerce.


Cloud-based payments (HCE)

Trusted Execution Environment 

Trusted Execution​​​​​ Envi​​​​ronment



Who We Support

Gemalto solutions are optimized to support service providers as they build, launch and manage trusted, revenue-generating services. We help:

  • Financial Institutions
    Expand your payment portfolio to the mobile with secure solutions adapted to your digital strategy.

  • Device Manufacturers
    Gain access to many service providers across the world via the security frameworks incorporated in your devices – including Embedded Secure Element and Trusted Execution Environment.

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)
    Manage the hundreds of millions of multi-tenant SIMs supported by a growing NFC infrastructure. And enrich your service portfolio quickly and efficiently by getting providers onboard with minimal fuss.

  • Transport Operators
    Reduce ticket issuance and subscription management costs.