Trusted Services Hub


The Trusted Service Hub is a turnkey service that enables banks, enterprises, transport operators, mobile network operators, device makers and others to benefit from a single “plug once” connection to securely deploy mobile payment and other value-added services for end-users across a comprehensive portfolio of smartphones and mobile networks across the world.

A growing number of service providers – banks, governments, car manufacturers, transport operators – wish to mobilize their services quickly, efficiently and securely to as many users as possible.

We are witnessing a real transformation of the digital bank and the mobile sits at the heart of this changes. 

With these needs in mind, we have created Gemalto Trusted Services Hub, an interconnected platform that enables simple and reliable implementation.

Benefits for Banks and other Service Providers

  • Reach. Access a comprehensive portfolio of smartphones, with millions of installed secure elements, running on mobile networks around the world
  • Future Proof. Protect your service investment with a solution that supports a comprehensive portfolio of devices, works with established and field-proven TSM solutions and emerging security frameworks for digital transactions and user authentication.
  • Simplicity. Easily connect with a rapidly growing ecosystem of device manufacturers, service providers, MNOs and other security enablers with a single one simple contract arrangement with Gemalto to speed up deployments.
  • Versatility. Choose the appropriate security framework that's right for your service, including secure elements (both SIM and embedded options), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies, and emerging tokenization standards.

Benefits for Secure Element Issuers

Our Trusted Service Hub generates benefits for SE Issuers as well as service providers. The highlights include:

  • One Engagement Point:  connect just once to enrich your service portfolio with access to many providers across the world.
  • Simple issuer onboarding for banking, transport or automotive applications
  • Reduce Costs: bring down the cost of fixed infrastructure and acquisition of service partners.

Industry Analysts

ABI Research  

"It has a ubiquitous TSM approach, able to provide support and management for hardware-based secure elements, HCE, and TEE, and can leverage its strong partnerships with MNOs, banks, and financial institutions to connect service providers with the relevant entities to help scale uptake."

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Source: Payment and Banking Card Technologies, May 2015

Banks, financial institutions, enterprises, transport operators and more generally digital service providers, need to deploy services quickly, efficiently and securely to as many users as possible.



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