Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing Solutions for mobile network operators

    Engage your customers , monetize your opt-in database and achieve your mobile business objectives with our mobile marketing solutions and analytics tool.

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  • Lassoo

    Mobile Marketing Hub

    Advertisers, boost your mobile CRM and advertizing efficiency with Lasso and develop truly interactive relationships with your customers.

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  • Gemalto Mobile Marketing & Consulting Services

    Whatever your mobile marketing needs, our dedicated marketing experts expand your business while respecting the golden rules of privacy.

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  • LinqUs Mobile Engagement & Monetization

    It is high time to engage your consumers and monetize your app. By leveraging your opt-in subscribers’ database, you have a fantastic opportunity to generate new revenue streams. LinqUs Mobile Engagement & Monetization does exactly that for you: engaging with your consumers & monetizing your app, smartly & successfully!

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