LinqUs™ App Distribution

​​​​​Deploying your apps to maximize service uptake

LinqUs™ App Distribution 

The rise in smartphone penetration combined with a growing appetite among consumers for mobile data consumption is opening up opportunities for a wealth of new services from mobile operators. Gemalto’s App Distribution solution the perfect tool to help mobile operators take advantage of these opportunities and swiftly monetize their network investments and their customer base.

What is App Distribution?

App Distribution enables mobile operators to deploy apps on the handset for better service uptake.

Gemalto’s App Distribution allows MNOs to:

  • Deploy their own services and applications over the air
  • Promote and distribute third-party applications (from brands, retailers or partners)
  • Dynamically personalize smartphones according to their own business rules and use their own logo on apps

More details on the solution

The solution follows the OMA-DM standard and encompasses a server and a mobile client installed on the handset. Set-up can either be managed by the handset manufacturers according to the operator’s requirements or be post-loaded at first use.

The mobile client post-load can be:

  • Triggered by automatic device detection with the introduction of a new SIM in the handset
  • Managed through a campaign to reach targeted smartphone customers already in the field

Once the mobile client is installed on the smartphone, mobile operators can send applications, logos and bookmarks to the handset.

Benefits for operators

  • Greater service penetration
  • Network and customer base monetization
  • Maximized presence and branding
  • Simplified smartphone personalization