On-Demand Connectivity

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A mobile subscription management solution to get devices connected

To enable the Internet of Things and meet the always-on generation needs, mobile connectivity needs to become a standard feature for M2M and consumer electronics devices.

On-Demand Connectivity provides remote provisioning and mobile subscription management enabling instant broadband connectivity to a wide variety of new connected devices, everywhere, and right out of the box. Addressing the M2M (including connected cars, smart grid, home automation, etc.) and consumer electronics markets (including connected tablets, connected wearable, and all others electronic devices), ODC helps operators and device manufacturers to offer a seamless and flexible customer mobile subscription management experience throughout the entire lifecycle of a device.

The connected tablet use case – Infographic illustrating consumers’ needs when connecting their tablets on-the-go.?

A panel of consumers assessed a connected tablet with flexible on-demand subscription management.

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​Unlock new business opportunities with On-Demand Connectivity offers:

On-Demand Subscription Manager (OSM)

OSM is a platform for remote and dynamic OTA (Over-The-Air) subscription management. It enables the management of the full mobile network operator profile download onto the embedded UICC, and flexibility throughout the lifecycle of the device, with the ability to remove or swap the profile out as required .

LinqUs On-Demand Subscription Manager [PDF]​

On-Demand Provisioning Service (OPS)

OPS is an operated provisioning service for device manufactures and solution providers for connected devices. The OPS connects devices when they are activated for the first time, and enables the global and automatic deployment of operational connectivity from mobile network operators on embedded UICCs, according to the choice of the customer.

LinqUs On-Demand Provisioning Service [PDF]

On-Demand Provisioning Service Whitepap​er [PDF]

On-Demand Provisioning Program (OPP)

OPP is a collaboration program for mobile network operators, allowing them to benefit from Gemalto’s On-Demand Provisioning Service. It enables device manufactures and connected device solution providers to offer operational connectivity services for worldwide customer deployments.

More info on On-Demand Provisioning Program


For mobile network operators 

For mobile network operators:

  • New revenue streams, by enabling connectivity for new types of connected devices
  • Optimized processes to serve global customers with the highest SLAs
  • Improved cost positioning and customer-tailored connectivity offering
For device manufacturers  

For device manufacturers:

  • Less device variance, only one embedded UICC and a single stock unit
  • No need to plan for operator subscription at production for hassle-free logisitics
  • The device can be completely assembled and sealed during production
For enterprises and solution providers  

For enterprises and solution providers:

  • Simplified device logistics
  • Easy deployment of preferred operators to optimize reach and cost
  • No UICC handling and no misuse or loss