On-Demand Provisioning Program

Bringing Mobile Network Operators and solution providers together to accelerate the deployment of IoT and new connected devices.

The On-Demand Provisioning Program aims not only to facilitate the exchange for new opportunities but also to simplify and speed up the technical preparation of the mobile network operator to provide its mobile subscriptions on customer devices. 

Through the On-Demand Provisioning Program, Gemalto leverages its strong relation to the M2M / IoT industry as well as its long-lasting relation to mobile network operators worldwide to facilitate the rapid growth of a connected world. As the Trusted Provisioning Service Provider, Gemalto brings together both sides from all over the world to support the fast expansion of successful connected device applications in new markets.

In the common interest of a rapid go-to-market and a broad market adoption, not only fast and optimized production and deployment processes are essential for success, but also reliable and efficient business relationships within the ecosystem to get in touch with the proper partners in different regions.

Common success is the inspiration of Gemalto’s On-Demand Provisioning Program.

 Members of the On-Demand Provisioning Program

 On-Demand Provisioning Program