Real-time SIM Activation and SIM Reactivation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Reactivating a SIM card in a modern African city  

The current prepaid life-cycle management relies on a slow, unefficient and costly pre-provisioning process.

Real-Time SIM Activation optimizes the network and the SIM resources, and eases subscriber on-boarding: it automates subscriber activation by pairing the SIM and the phone number only when users first use their phones.​​​​

In parallel, in mobile prepaid markets, re-engaging with multi-SIM users has revealed to be complex and expensive.

SIM Reactivation detects inactive SIM users willing to reconnect to your mobile network and turn them back into active and valuable users: indeed those returning users can conveniently reuse their expired SIM card, select their phone number and new personalized services. Operators can truly implement efficient customer reacquisition strategies by easily re-engaging with dormant SIM users.


  •  LinqUs SIM Reactivation

    Gemalto SIM Reactivation

    Gemalto SIM Reactivation Easily regain inactive users and drastically reduce reacquisition costs by allowing users to reuse their dormant SIM cards

    Gemalto SIM Reactivation [PDF - 854 kb]


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    4 tactics for MNOs to regain inactive prepaid users

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