Real-Time SIM Activation

​​​​​​​​​Streamline the SIM supply chain and ease subscriber on-boarding

an end user activates his SIM

Gemalto Real-Time SIM Activation associates phone numbers and service packages with the SIM when subscribers first use their phone. Subscribers can choose their numbers and services from their handsets, while operators optimize the use of their SIM and network resources.

The SIM life cycle pitfalls

In an increasingly fierce competition environment, operators have deployed aggressive strategies to improve ARPU and foster customer loyalty. The multiplication of new voice and data bundles has become the general rule – particularly in prepaid markets. Also, mobile operators want to attract more 4G users, increasing the adoption of data services and accelerating their return on the substantial investments they made for deploying LTE networks.

The prepaid offers life-cycle management generally relies on an established, cross-organization pre-provisioning process: once the associated subscription resources (service package, MSISDN, IMSI, ICCID, transport keys…) are pre-allocated to SIM cards, operators pre-provision their systems (HLR, BSS/OSS...), and SIM cards are produced, packaged and distributed to the points of sales. Consequently, offers, SIM and phone numbers are inextricably linked together.

This process is inefficient:

  • Deploying new offers takes time, reducing revenue opportunities and preventing operators from reacting swiftly to competitors' offers.
  • The multitude of offers induces a surge in SIM profiles, increasing SIM costs and complicating stock management.
  • The new offers make the previous ones obsolete, forcing operators to scrap their unsold SIM cards.
  • The inactive SIM cards generate costs for network system capacity and cause MSISDN shortages.
  • With limited stocks, resellers can't meet users' expectations in terms of offer and number choices, reducing offers attractiveness, customer satisfaction and operator revenues.
  • Returning users must buy new SIMs and go through the painful registration process again, causing dissatisfaction.
  • The ever-stringent registration regulations make on-boarding a painful process for both operators and subscribers.

Many operators haven’t addressed these challenges. Others have deployed expensive IT-based activation systems with limited reach or applet-based solutions tying them to a SIM vendor and causing compatibility issues with some handset models.

Our real-time SIM activation solution

Gemalto Real-Time SIM Activation optimizes the network and the SIM resources, and eases subscriber on-boarding: it automates subscriber activation by pairing the SIM and the phone number only when users first use their phones.

Our fully customizable product provides subscribers the choice of service package or phone number at activation. It associates these choices with their SIM and provisions the operator network. Operators can adjust service packages to the market demand in a matter of days, as they need not go through the entire SIM supply chain.

Our real-time SIM activation solution eliminates premature SIM and phone number pairing. Operators no longer need to pre-provision the SIM and cut launch time for new offers or tariff plans.

Our patented SIM reactivation feature drastically reduces SIM wastage and streamlines re-registration. By managing the decommissioned SIMs attachment to the network, we virtually eliminate the need for new SIMs for returning users. Muted SIMs are turned into solid gold by re-associating numbers with used SIMs without requiring any reverse logistics. The identification process is also simplified, easing the churned subscribers’ return.

Gemalto Real-Time SIM Activation relies on a Gemalto-owned core network solution widely deployed around the globe since 1988.


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