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LinqUs ​​​​​Facebook for SIM


Engage people with Facebook to boost data usage

What’s Facebook for SIM?

LinqUs Facebook for SIM is a client/server SIM application for mobile operators, enabling anyone to access the popular social media service on any handset, even without a data connection or subscription. LinqUs Facebook for SIM is a powerful means to boost data usage, bringing Facebook to subscribers who have a smart or internet-enabled phone but do not use internet services.

LinqUs Facebook for SIM in detail:

Boost your user base by allowing users to:

  • Create a Facebook account
  • Invite friends on Facebook with "People You May Know" and SIM phonebook

Engage users and boost their activity by enabling them to:

  • Message and chat with friends
  • Receive interactive notifications: instant pop-up messages
  • Login to their Facebook account
  • Write on friends' wall
  • Read status updates and view their newsfeed
  • Receive birthday reminders

Migrate users to mobile data service

  • From black & white text to photos access



Benefits for operators:

  • New revenue streams through the sale of SMS and data packs
  • Increased use of data of internet-enabled handsets
  • A more active user base

Benefits for end-users

  • Facebook essentials in their pocket
  • Instant connection with friends through interactive notifications
  • Access to multimedia content including pictures and photos


"Inwi’s  business philosophy is to deliver truly innovative services within easy reach to enhance our customers’ experience," said Frédéric Debord, CEO at Inwi. "With Gemalto’s LinqUs Facebook for SIM application we can further build on this strategy, bridge the gap for users with all types of mobile phone and respond to Morocco’s growing love affair with social media.
Inwi Morocco brings enhanced Facebook experience to any handset

"LinqUs Facebook for SIM has strong appeal, particularly to the under-34s who represent the majority of our current user base,” commented Maria Inés Herrero, Deputy Manager of Development and Innovation, Entel. "Half of our subscribers opt for pre-paid service and use feature phones that do not run smartphone applications. They find this service extremely easy to use and appreciate the free trial opportunity to test it out and be connected with their friends anywhere in real time."
Entel first in Chile to give mobile access to Facebook to any subscriber with Gemalto software solution

"Tigo continues to be at the forefront of innovation offering compelling products; in this case, a service that provides users with access to Facebook, regardless of their plan or type of handset.
We know that this application is extremely popular among Tigo subscribers in Colombia, where almost 40% of the population uses this social media to stay connected to family and friends,
” said José Galán, Tigo’s Entertainment Manager. "Our goal is to bring advanced services to all users, including prepaid customers who lack a data plan. Today, this is possible thanks to Gemalto’s LinqUs Facebook for SIM."
Tigo in Colombia launches access to Facebook ® for all its subscribers using Gemalto’s LinqUs Facebook for SIM mobile application.

"The new LinqUs Facebook for SIM from Personal allows us to continue multiplying accesses to social networks, anytime, anywhere, for millions of customers who could be connected, regardless of device they have," said Ezequiel López Alcalá, Innovation and Value Added Services Manager, Personal.
Personal, the most innovative mobile operator in Argentina launched the service back in October 2011